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Lori Ward Skincare testimonial
Lori Ward Skincare
Rexburg, ID

After 1 year of starting Face Reality, I dropped all my lash clients and went full blast acne. I had to hire 2 other Estheticians to help with the work load! Isn’t that crazy? My clientele is 95% acne! Face Reality was the best, most impactful decision I made for my career - I am rewarded daily with an income that I only dreamed about, plus I deliver incredible value and confidence to my clients that no one else can!

Spa Kingston testimonial
Spa Kingston
San Diego, CA

Becoming a Certified Acne Specialist has not only changed my life personally with Acne but has allowed me to change hundreds of people’s lives through the knowledge of what causes Acne. Having the knowledge I have of what causes Acne and how to maintain healthy clear skin through daily lifestyle choices, eating habits, and a balanced skincare regimen has been a true blessing. I am grateful to be able to share my knowledge with hundreds of people a week through myself, social media, and my business.

Marisa's Skin Care
North Attleboro, MA

This place really is amazing and anyone with acne knows $25 (which they waive if you elect to get a treatment) is REALLY cheap and worth it to get his or her skin under control. I have been to so many different places, spent tons of money, even tried the stuff from acne.org, just to be disappointed. I finally decided to check this place out based on all the great reviews and really nice man (Pat) I spoke with at the clinic over the phone. This place is the first place I have been able to leave from after getting a facial where I didn’t feel like I needed to hide.

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