Meet our Winner, Madeline Tamashiro. Photo of Madeline. Maddie was both and raised in Grants Pass and she's proud to call Southern Oregon home. As a teen she struggled with severe acne and in her pursuit of trying anything and everything to clear it, she developed her love for skin health. She became a licensed aesthetician in 2018 and as a Certified Acne Expert, she finds the most joy in helping her clients achieve the clear skin of their dreams.

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Meet our Finalists

Samantha Niedfeldt. Company: Advanced Skin Care Solutions based in Huntsville, Alabama. IG Handle @advancedskinaresolutionshsv. Samantha says Quote I love the ability to restore confidence. When I first meet my clients, they have tears in their eyes as they express to me how unhappy they are with their skin. I see their confidence bloom as their skin transforms. By the end the tears return, but this time they are full of happiness and a newfound love of themselves and their skin endnote. Before and after photo of Samanthas client Morgan showing inflamed acne before and clear skin after.

Melissa Tomforhde. Company: The Skyn Distillery in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Instagram @Theskyndistillery. Melissa Says Quote I really enjoy helping clear my clients' skin, making them feel confident in themselves. During their skincare journey I really get to know them quite well any by the end of the program we've become good friends. I chose Face Reality for our business because of its success rate, training, and tools available in making me a better esthetician end quote. Before and After photos of Melissa's client Kirstin with acne before, and clear skin after the Face Reality Program.

Annalysa Pinciotti from AONKA skincare in Tampa Florida. Instagram is @AONKASKINCARE. Annalysa says quote I love being able to help clients understand and treat their skin. I love how Face Reality focuses on all aspects of life and how it may impact the skin. The in-depth education they provided has allowed my clients to reach their skincare goals. I

Sabrina Robinson. Company: Threo Skin in Pasadena, California. Instagram @sabrinalynnskin. Sabrina says quote My clients are everything to me. I want them to achieve their skincare goals and have their skin not dictate how they move in the world. I love how Face Reality has made great affordable products that work and that my clients love endnote. Sabrinas client Linsey's before and after photos showing severe acne before treatments and clear skin after.

Macee Lugo of Ritual Esthetics in North Richland Hills, Texas. Instagram is @Ritual_Esthetics_. Macee says quote I love helping people feel confident in their skin. I personally know from experience how debilitating acne can be both physically and mentally. I love my job and this skincare line! It's changed my life endnote. Macee's client Gabby's before and after photos with Acne before and clear skin after treatments.