Employee Accounts

Acne Specialist Certifications For Employees of Acne Experts


Face Reality created Accounts for Employees of Acne Experts (or Employee Accounts*) to extend access to our best-in-class Acne Specialist Training and resources to licensed skincare professionals who, although every bit as capable of implementing Face Reality's protocols, were previously unable to become officially certified Acne Experts because they do not hold tax exemption or liability insurance documents.


Click on each section below to learn more about what's included in the $300 Acne Specialist Training for Employees of Acne Experts, and then follow the steps in the next section to start adding your employees and expanding your acne clientele.


Your employees will have their own Face Reality accounts with their own logins. They will be able to save their quiz progress, and pick up where they left off to complete the training at a pace that works for them. Once certified, they will be able to access Face Reality's extensive resources with their own login.


Employee Accounts have access to our extensive (and still growing) library of continuing education content, as well as the ability to sign up for online and in-person education events with our Lead Educator, Alex Hernandez.


Use the tools in our Business Resource Center, including Acne Assist, client handouts, and product data sheets. Equip your employees with the education and skill set they need to grow their own business and, in turn, grow yours.


Easily connect with the Acne Expert Success Team for any and all protocol, product knowledge, and business support inquiries. With their own accounts in our system, the Acne Expert Success Team is able to provide your employees with personalized support that begins the moment they create their account.


Get advice, view and share client's skin clearing journeys, and build community with passionate Acne Experts in the Face Reality Certified Professionals Facebook group, which is reserved for Acne Experts with verified Face Reality accounts.


Receive a hardcopy of their Face Reality Acne Specialist Certification upon training completion to display in their treatment room.


  • Employee Accounts* must be added by their business's Primary Account Holder, aka the Acne Expert who holds the tax exemption and liability insurance documents for the business.
  • Employee Accounts* will not be able to purchase Face Reality products at wholesale prices. All wholesale product orders must be placed by the business's Primary Account Holder.
  • Only Primary Account Holders will be listed in the Product Credit Program and Acne Expert Locator, given they meet the eligibility requirements.

*Face Reality's use of the word "Employee" refers to the employee of the certified Face Reality Acne Expert Reseller. It does not refer to or imply employment under Face Reality Skincare. This is true for any and all materials that reference Employee Accounts or Certifications, whether directly or indirectly.

Face Reality Acne Expert CJ Williams with her employees, who have received Acne Specialist certificates from Face Reality

CJ Williams' employees with their Acne Specialist Certificates from Face Reality.

“Face Reality was the first skincare line I brought on as a solo esthetician in 2019. Since then, I have continued to grow with 8 estheticians on staff and now 2 storefront locations. I attribute much of my growth to having all of my staff become Acne Experts through Face Reality. Our clientele is about 80% acne, which we use Face Reality to treat.”


Face Reality Brand Ambassador

Getting Started

1. If you're viewing this, you're already logged in. Click on the button that looks like the one above (located at the top right of this page) to access your profile.

2. Click on Employee Management in the left side menu and click the Get Started button to add the feature to your account.

3. Review 'Other Things to Know' in The Details section above and then follow the steps below to onboard your employees!

Setting Up Accounts for Your Employees

Please complete the steps in the "Getting Started" section above before proceeding

When you click on Employee Management, you will be presented with fields to enter your Business Info. You must save your Business Name and Business Phone Number before you can add employees. You can update your Business Info at any time.

Please note that adding/changing the Business Info in Employee Management does NOT update your information in the Acne Expert Locator, or anywhere else. It is used in our system to associate you with your employees.

After you save your Business Info, an empty Employees list will appear, along with the Add Employee button. If these elements do not appear, please try refreshing the page or logging out and then back in. Before proceeding, please review "Other Things to Know" in The Details section at the top of this page.

Click Add Employee. Enter your employee's email address and click Save Employee. Your employee will receive an email with a link to sign up. Meanwhile, a new Invites section will appear on your Employee Management page, which displays a list of all pending employee invites. If you receive an error message, please have your employee contact the Acne Expert Success Team.

After your employee completes the sign-up form, they will log into their new account and click on Training in the top navigation. They will be prompted to purchase Employee Training ($300, non-refundable)*.

*Face Reality will have no role in determining whether or how the Sales Representative and Associate will pay for any and all training. Payment decisions and payment terms for any and all Face Reality training will be left solely to the determination of the Sales Representative and Associate. Face Reality will not assist with, or opine regarding, any payment disputes, claims, refund requests or anything of that nature. All such disagreements shall be solely by and between the Sales Representative and Associate.

When the purchase is complete, the page will reload and your employee will land on the homepage, logged into their new Employee Account. If this doesn't happen, have your employee log into their account. When they click on Training, they should now see the training videos. Have them review the videos until they know the content well. When they pass the open-note certification quiz with a score of 100%, they will be prompted to sign an Associate Supply Agreement and upload their professional skincare license.

Once your employee signs up, they will be moved from the Invites list to the Employees list. You can view their certification status in the Training Approved column.

If an employee is no longer with your business, you may remove them by clicking on the red Delete button in the Actions column, and then click OK. Please note that this action will revoke their access to our resources, and they will need to be re-added as an employee by a Primary Account Holder or convert to an Acne Expert Resale Account with tax exemption and liability insurance documents in order to regain access.

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