Acne Expert Product Credit Program

Our most important partnership is with our Certified Acne Experts and we are committed to the success of your businesses. Our goal is to work together to help as many people afflicted with acne as possible, to make sure that everyone can achieve clear skin. You have worked hard to build your clientele and we want to ensure that they keep purchasing their Face Reality products from you. However, some of your clients occasionally purchase from our consumer site, so we implemented this program to guarantee that you benefit when this occurs. We look forward to partnering with you on this Acne Expert Product Credit Program to ensure the success of you and your acne clients.

Earn 35% in Product Credit*

First, your client orders product on our consumer site, Then, redeem your product credit on and save on your future orders.

*Product credit percentage is subject to change.


We take the guess work out of earning: all active Face Reality Acne Experts are automatically enrolled in the program and added to the cart page on


Your client will select your name from a dropdown menu at the cart page.


Upon selection, you will automatically earn 35% of the total product amount, excluding taxes and shipping. Your product credit will be automatically applied towards your unique program promo code by the 10th of each month.


Enter your unique program promo code at checkout to apply your product credit and redeem your product credit balance.


Earn easy product credit towards your next order.

User-friendly account dashboard to keep track of your client’s product orders and commission earned.

Your time is precious! Let your clients place their orders.

Less inventory to keep track of—no need to stock inventory if you do not want to.

An easy solution to get products in your clients’ hands without worrying.


How do I log into my Product Credit Program account dashboard?

Log into your account as you normally would. Then, navigate to the “person icon” in the top right corner of the site which will bring you to your Face Reality account dashboard. From there, click on “Product Credit” in the left navigation – this will allow you to view all details related to your product credit account.

How do I redeem my product credit?

Program product credits from all customer dropdown purchases will be applied to your account by the 10th day of the following calendar month. You may use the program product credits towards future orders of Face Reality products at by entering your unique program promo code.

Does my accrued product credit expire?

Your unique program promo code balance will expire if there are not any orders placed for 6+ months, at which point the professional account will be considered inactive.

How do I maintain active status?

In order to maintain active status, you must place at least one order every 6 months on If an order is not placed within the 6-month threshold, your account becomes inactive and the following will happen:

  1. You will be removed from dropdown on and will no longer be eligible to earn product credit on orders placed by your clients.
  2. You will be removed from the store locator on and new clients will not be able to find your business on our website.

This is not a goodbye! Estheticians can resume the program and start earning product credit from customer orders upon placing a wholesale order on .

What if my client forgets to select me as their Face Reality Certified Acne Expert on their order?

Unfortunately, once your client's order is placed, Acne Expert selection cannot be added or changed. Remind your clients to select you as their Acne Expert each time before they check out.

What happens if a customer returns product purchased from an order on which I earned product credit?

Sometimes things are not the right fit—product returns made by a customer on will result in the removal of that specific portion of product credit from the professional’s product credit balance. Product credits earned on customer purchases that are returned, refunded, or otherwise adjusted will be deducted from your product credit balance. While unlikely, this may cause a negative product credit balance, though any subsequent product credits earned will be applied to reduce that negative balance.

If an esthetician makes a return on a wholesale order on which product credit was used, that used product credit applied to products will also be added back to product credit balance. Any amount of product credit applied to shipping will not be credited back.

What if I do not want to participate in the program?

You may opt out of the program if you wish.
Please contact customer service at or
call at 866-477-3077